A typical eye exam carried out by a qualified optometrist may help to diagnose:

  1. Myopia and hyperopia
  2. Astigmatism
  3. Glaucoma
  4. Cataracts
  5. ...

An eye test typically covers item 1 above, and the main purpose is to check visual acuity and determine the prescription lens power needed, however, the test result is still not adequate for having new prescription glasses. Therefore, it is important to get an eye exam or an eye test done at least once a year. 

Since myopia among young children have become a pandemic and the first sign of myopia is decrement of distant visual acuity, checking distant visual acuity is among very few eye test items that could be carried out by parents and general practitioners without special optometry equipment. Traditionally, you may use a paper-based Snellen Chart hanging on the wall with proper lighting. VAC running on smartphones or tablets presents optically precise optotypes than a paper-based Snellen Chart which could be distorted because of temperature, humidity and oxidation etc. And the recommended minimum 120 cd/m2 for chart luminance is almost guaranteed if you don't deliberately adjust the device too dim, while the app can have the brightness independent of the device wide setting.



After the initial consultation with your doctor, typically you may carry out a test every fortnight or month for yourself or your children and save the records.


While you can surely tell your doctor about the results over the phone call, it may be more convenient to send the results through various Internet applications on your smartphone or tablets.

After select a patient (Peter Pan) from the Scores screen, press the Share button for exporting and sharing, you will see:


The recipient will receive a plain description of the test results in SMS or Email body:


Name: Peter Pan2023
Date: 2023-10-06
Chart: Snellen
Fraction - OS: 6/3.8 - 1; OD: 6/4.8 - 2
VAS - OS: 109; OD: 103
Date: 2023-09-25
Chart: Snellen
Fraction - OS: 6/4.8 - 1; OD: 6/6
VAS - OS: 104; OD: 100
Date: 2023-09-11
Chart: Snellen
Fraction - OS: 6/4.8; OD: 6/6 - 1
VAS - OS: 105; OD: 99
Date: 2023-08-28
Chart: Snellen
Fraction - OS: 6/4.8 - 1; OD: 6/6
VAS - OS: 104; OD: 100


 All to HTML file

A HTML file will be attached to a conversation in Email apps, Whatsapp, Skype, MS Teams.

The presentation by the HTML file reassembles what you read on the Scores screen, plus the raw records of the tests. Therefore, the recipient can view the same big picture of the progression of visual acuity.

All to JSON file

JSON is a popular data exchange format between software applications. If you as a doctor are using some patient record management software, you may ask the vendor of the software to integrate such JSON file so you don't need to manually input the data into the management software. 

Selected Record

The recipient will receive a plain description of the selected test result in SMS or Email body.