Healthier Ways of Using Mobile Devices

The convenience of mobile devices like smart phones and tablets generally come with some implicit costs:

  1. Too close distance of reading very bright and small objects may cause dry eyes and myopia etc.
  2. Low productivity of data inputs with on-screen keyboard cause stress on fingers and waste of time.

To address such shortfalls, there are already peripherals designed for mobile devices.

Reading and Watching

iPhone and iPad

Apple had provided official solutions.

Other references:

Android Phone and Tablet


Data Input

Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouses

Just search "bluetooth keyboard ipad" or "bluetooth keyboard android", you will find tons of solutions which generally work for both iOS device and Android devices.

Adapter for USB Keyboard and Mouse

If you have redundant USB keyboards and mouses, you may give them a new life through an adapter like those listed below:


This page is just a starting point for you to start researching healthier and more productive ways of using mobile technologies with companion technologies. You could continue to research for getting best buys and local IT supports.